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About the projects


3D printed habitat on Mars

Jonathan Irawan

o design the perfect habitat for space explorers on the red planet as part of NASA’s international 3D Printed Habitat Challenge.

Our aim was to bring a more human element to space design, typically all about maximum efficiency and performance. Our habitat goes far beyond just ticking the boxes for safety and survival. It’s a home away from home where astronauts can carry out the most important work in the history of space exploration.


Parametic design of British museum's glass roof

Christopher Williams


Christopher John Kenneth Williams is a British structural engineer and researcher who has specialised in the relationship between geometry and structural action.

m+ 1 a.jpg

M+ Museum Hong Kong


Wim is responsible for the competition-winning M+ museum project in Hong Kong, the One Park Drive residential tower in London, as well as a number of projects of diverse scales and typologies in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

From concept to completion, he works with a hands-on approach and awareness of the fundamentals of construction.

Wim graduated from Hoger Architectuurinstituut Sint-Lucas, Brussels, Belgium in 1993. Amongst others he worked with Robbrecht en Daem Architects in Gent for over 8 years.


Steven Schoenmakers

The hotel that towers 3 stacked triangular volumes and the challenges behing design and contruction

rai 5.jpeg

Fontys building eindhoven

Eildert Boekholt & Remco van Rostel

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