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Fontys campus Rachelsmolen

In the coming years, the existing campus Rachelsmolen in Eindhoven of the Fontys University of Applied Sciences will be transformed from a closed-of island in the city to an inspiring educational environment. A campus that puts meeting each other at the heart and where cross-pollination between different fields lead to innovation, experimentation, and entrepreneurship.

For the new campus, each institute no longer has its own building where all education takes place. Functions and activities will be spread over the new buildings, stimulating cross-pollination between the different fields of study. Building 1 (4.000m2) belongs to the entire campus and contains functions that are accessible to the entire Fontys community, such as the library, auditorium, and restaurant. Building 2 (8.000m2) opens to the city: it houses the practice-based education and the care centre receives real clients as part of the health education curriculum. Building 3 (12.000m2) forms a flexible home base for the various educational institutes within Fontys, with workspaces for staff and students and teaching and lecture rooms.

The new campus has a strong green character, with a dynamic mix of recreational areas, mini-forests, open fields, and a wadi with vegetation matching the ecology of the nearby Dommel river. This makes the campus resistant to periods of extreme precipitation or prolonged drought.

Source: Hollandse Niuewe

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