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Nhow Amsterdam RAI Hotel

In addition to the RAI Amsterdam, construction has now started on the nhow Amsterdam RAI Hotel. This 650-room hotel will be the largest hotel in the Benelux, with facilities such as a television studio, sky bar and restaurants. The building consists of three stacked volumes, and is 91 meters high in total and was designed by architect OMA. Delivery is planned for the summer of 2019.

The architectural design of the building calls for large cantilevers, without visible construction in the facade. Because the triangular volumes are rotated relative to each other, the floor plans differ greatly from each other. The tip of the various triangles protrudes 12.5 meters outside the facade of the lower or upper triangle. The constructive cantilever is more than 16.5 metres.

The building will be realized in the closed triangle between the RAI Amsterdam, the Amsterdam ring road (A10), the Europaboulevard and the North-South line. This construction site requires great attention to the environment when making the construction pit. The final basement construction that will be realized under the hotel tower will be built just one meter away from the north-south tunnel and will connect directly to the body of the dike that lies under the A10 and may not be interrupted.

Source: Van Rossum

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