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Chairperson of the Day


Efficiency vs. Creativity 

Traditionally, civil engineers express the benefits of efficient design and building methods, highlighting, for example, the increasing relevance of modular design. On the other hand, architects focus on the importance of creativity in futuristic aesthetics and unique and personal designs. Both aspects can be used to answer the question ‘What contributes to the Blueprints of Tomorrow?’. 

In the panel discussion, the focus will be on finding synergy between these seemingly opposing aspects. Can an efficient design also include a high level of creativity? Is a creative approach necessary to optimise efficiency? As the dialogue unfolds, participants explore how efficiency can enhance the realisation of creative concepts, and how creativity can support efficiency. 

The panel consists of:

•⁠  ⁠Max Hendriks: Professor and Section Leader of Concrete Structures at TU Delft.

•⁠  ⁠Mariana Popescu: Computational Architect and Structural Designer. Teaches in Parametric Design and Digital Fabrication at TU Delft.

•⁠  ⁠Arcadis peep

•⁠  ⁠MVRDV peep

This very experienced and diverse panel will provide an interesting insight into their opinions on the role that efficiency and creativity have in shaping a future-proof built environment.

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