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The Value of Design Symosium will offer workshops by main sponsor Arcadis and Alex de Rijke, founder-director of dRMM Studio.

An Outstander Ticket enables you to join one of these workshops in our morning programme from 09:00 till 12:15 (3h). You will receive an email in which you can specify your perference and more information will follow!

Join Arcadis in a workshop on designing residential towers with mass timber. Or explore the wonders of timber with Alex de Rijke and TU Delft in our Ruled Surfaces workshop.

Read below for more information on the workshops!


Urban Woods

Arcadis will host an amazing workshop! 

Always wanted to know what challenges are faced when designing a residential tower purely made from mass timber? 

The first of such residential towers from the Urban Woods collection is going to be built in Delft! It will be one of the tallest towers made purely from timber; not even the elevator shafts are made from concrete. Removing the rigid concrete core with many challenges and ingenuity.  

Want to learn about solving sustainability, structural, building, construction site and architectural challenges? 

Arcadis will guide you with the best insights during this workshop!

Ruled Surface final final.png

Ruled surfaces in Timber

Alex de Rijke founder-director of the London-based agency dRMM Studio and the professor at the TU Delft will host a workshop on Ruled surfaces in Timber. In this hands-on workshop session, participants will delve into the fascinating world of ruled surfaces, discovering how standard pieces of wood can be transformed into extraordinary, non-standard forms. Through a combination of theoretical exploration and practical application, attendees will gain insights into the principles behind ruled surfaces and their application in Bio Build design.

This workshop is ideal for architects, designers, engineers, and anyone interested in exploring the intersection of design, craftsmanship, and sustainability.


Join us for an immersive experience and unleash your creativity with timber! 


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