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About the workshops

When buying The Outstander ticket you have access to one workshop from 9:00 to 12:30. Once you have your ticket you will be sent a form within 10 working days where you can add your preference. 


Geometric design
of non-conventional structures

Christopher Williams, Emil Adiels and Jens Olsson

This workshop focuses on simple physical models and computer programming for the geometric design of non-conventional structures.


It will be given by one of our speakers, Christopher Williams, and two of his collaborators and phD students of Chalmers University of Technology, Emil Adiels and Jens Olsson.


Expensive commercial software often constrains design. In this workshop we will demonstrate how simple physical models and computer programming can release you from these limitations. Christopher, Emil and Jens have used these techniques working with engineers and architects including Frei Otto, Arup, Buro Happold, Foster + Partners and Atelier One.


  • You must download the Processing programming environment which is free for Macintosh, Windows and Linux

  • You will be shown how to get started scripting in C# in Rhino Grasshopper, which you can download from


Make sure you have those two softwares downloaded on your laptop before attending the workshop.

No previous experience necessary.

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Sustainability: repurposing of structures and materials

 Ronald Wenting

This workshop will be given by Ronald Wenting, an architect and  structural engineer with 20+ years experience at ABT. 


Ronald will introduce you on how the re-use of materials is done within ABT and share some of his experience with you.


You will then be divided into groups and you will be challenged to repurpose an existing structure by re-using the most materials that you can. We will make sure all groups will have both architects and engineers so you can work together to achieve the best design. Each group will receive a feedback from Ronald.


Make sure you bring your laptop. 

No previous experience necessary.

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Concrete as a visual product:
3D formwork design

Steven Gelderman

This workshop will be given by Steven Gelderman, concrete formwork expert with 20+ years experience now working at NOE. 


Steven will share his expertise with you and show some of his projects. You will learn about formwork design and how concrete can be both the shape and the skin of a structure.

A few decades ago, geometric patterns were often used in tightly designed buildings, nowadays the emphasis is more on nature, greenery and sustainability, which means that new structures often have more natural, figurative character. New techniques have enabled the realisation of complicated patterns.

The goal of this workshop is to get engineers familiar with concrete as a visually appealing product and show architects that their dreams can become reality. 

You will work in groups in a design challenge where you will create a unique shaped formwork for a structure.

Make sure you bring your laptop. 

No previous experience necessary.

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Integrated design: converting an unsightly property into energy neutral, futureproof complex.

Dirk Zwaan, Saskia Roelofs

This workshop will be given by Dirk Zwaan and Saskia Roelofs, both are circular design experts at Fokkema & Partners and have over 15 years of experience in sustainable, innovative office projects in the Netherlands.

Our young heritage buildings in the Netherlands do muddle the view of the surrounding. These non-appealing office buildings from the 70’-90’ are often very poorly isolated, have obsolete layouts and don’t meet the current office feeling of working in a community. Fokkema & Partners believe an integrated approach to the issue is the only answer to transform these properties into appealing, circular and energy-neutral complexes.

Fokkema will share its expertise with you and inspire you with some of its recent projects. You will study a case and learn how an integrated approach to the problem can lead to simple, multipurpose solutions. Simplicity is complexity resolved.

You will work in groups of architects and engineers on a total concept. All groups present their ideas and receive feedback.


Make sure to bring your laptop and install SketchUp.

No previous experience is necessary.

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