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Facing the Integration

Value of Design 2011 edition

The Value of Design symposium 2011 was about architecture, structural engineering and the overlapping areas of these two disciplines. The theme of the 2011 edition was ‘Facing the Integration’. It was held on the 3th of May in the auditory. A number of top architects and engineers gave their views on this subject, framed with clear stories and pictures of examples of integration in their career in relation to their company. Afterwards, some lucky students were chosen to join the diner with the guest speakers of this day. The organisation of the symposium was a cooperation between students of Delft University of Technology and Arcadis. The symposium of 2011 was the 3th edition after the editions of 2005 and 2008 and was again very succesful.


Andre de Roo
Francine Houben
Niccolo Baldassini
Ken Yeang
Richard Horden

Main sponsor: Arcadis

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