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Shared Ambitions

Value of Design 2008 edition

‘The Value of Design 2008′ was an afternoon symposium held on the 10th of April in 2008 on architecture, structural engineering and the overlapping areas of these two disciplines. A number of top architects and engineers gave their views on this subject, focusing on the symposium’s theme of ‘Shared Ambitions’ and such subjects as sustainability. The symposium was held in the Old Church in Delft; cold but beautiful this unusual venue succeeded to charm everyone and helped make the symposium the great success that it was.

The organisation of the symposium is a cooperation between students of Delft University of Technology, Professor J.N.J.A. Vamberský and ING Real Estate. After the success of the symposium’s first incarnation in 2005, it was decided to organise a new edition every other year.


Erick van Egeraat
Reinhard Joecks
Tim Macfarlane
Louis Becker
Jim Eyre
Manfred Grohmann

Main sponsor: ING Real Estate

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